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Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy



This course sets the benchmark for professional practice standards. It is also the final step towards full qualification in clinical hypnotherapy.

The Advanced Practitioner graduates are an elite, able to work with a full range of complex and persistent conditions.

There are 8 teaching weekends over an 8 month period.


Who should attend

  • All clinical hypnotherapists. 
  • Medical Doctors.
  • Healthcare professionals.


Practitioner Clinical Hypnotherapist

This status is offered to qualified practitioners, who are recognized as a professional elite in clinical hypnotherapy. Membership status is also open to Practitioners at the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the Association of Psychotherapists and Counselors Singapore.

Entry Requirement

One of the following is required

  • Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 
  • Practitioner Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Course Description

Each month you are introduced to new topics, new methods and techniques and advanced concepts to work with patients.

You will benefit from a personal tutor, group practice sessions and required clinical supervision. Each student on this course will be eligible to use LCCH Therapy Centre facilities to see patients.


Advanced Practitioner Diploma will help you

  • Think and work like a professional clinical hypnotherapist.
  • Benefit from the experience and therapeutic advantage of expert clinical hypnotherapists.
  • Develop a sophisticated understanding of therapeutic practice.

Many clinical hypnotherapists are tempted to settle for a Diploma qualification. But they miss out on the techniques for addiction, serious and complex illness, psycho-sexual problems, rape, abuse, bereavement, grief, and recovery. This is challenging work and it will sometimes push you to your limits, but it is through these difficult cases that you also know you have made a difference in someone’s life.

Course Outline

The most advanced and sophisticated techniques in clinical hypnotherapy, including how to integrate psychotherapeutic techniques with clinical hypnotherapy in order to produce powerful interventions for more complex psychological and emotional issues.


Advanced Techniques

  • EMDR (eye movement desensitization response) method recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) as a first-line intervention for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).
  • EGO State therapy.
  • Advanced metaphor, Advanced pseudo orientation in time, fast phobia technique, advanced regression and pseudo regression techniques.

Advanced Psychotherapy

  • Solution Focused Therapy 
  • Bereavement counseling, Grief Therapy, Quantum psychotherapy, Advanced Ericksonian Techniques, psychosexual counseling, Co-dependency.

Mental Preparation and therapeutic skills

Case studies, ethical dilemmas, clinical mentoring, role play.

Clinical Studies

Complex chronic conditions, cardiovascular disease and emotional responses including cardiophobia, eating disorders, depression, complex anxiety disorders, addictive illnesses, psychological trauma, abuse, adult survivors of abuse, rape, violence, anger management, fertility, loss of loved ones, terminal illness, bereavement, pregnancy termination or loss, AIDS, addictive illnesses, psycho-sexual dysfunction, gender crisis.





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