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Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy


Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy

This exciting 10-weekend programme consists of two modules:

  • Advanced Certificate in Hypnosis & Behavioral Change
  • Specialist Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Upon completion, students become registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 

which is a prestigious and internationally recognized society. Practitioners are equipped to work psychological, habit 

and medical problems. 

Who Should Attend

  • Future clinical hypnotherapists.
  • People who want to make comfort and caring a profession of choice.
  • All healthcare and medical professionals 
  • Psychology and counseling graduates.
  • Managers, HR, and Trainers
  • Life-long learners.

Entry Requirement

One of the following is required

  • Foundation / Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis.
  • Prior Experience or Training.


Professional Recognition

Practitioner graduates are amongst an elite of clinical hypnotherapists. LCCH Asia graduates are working in Australia, 

Singapore, Hong Kong, India, China, UK, and Europe.


Course Descriptions

The course is extremely practical

Every technique will be demonstrated and you will additionally receive time to practice and discuss how to use the 

technique in real life situations. Students will also work with real patients and present a case history as part of the 

final assessment of this course.



Psychotherapeutic Studies

All major psychotherapies are covered and participants discover how to integrate these methods into clinical hypnotherapy 

for an even more effective result.


Clinical Studies

You will learn how to treat the major groups of illness such as behavioral problems, pain management, 

anxiety disorders, psychosomatic symptoms. In this way, you will have the skills to manage most of the patients who

seek help from you.

Our online learning zone will provide the opportunity to observe therapy in action and watch how experts

use clinical hypnotherapy for a wide range of conditions.

By the end of the course, you will be qualified to treat hypnodontics, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety, 

childhood problems, anxiety disorders, obesity and weight management and wide range of other symptoms.


Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Techniques

Techniques which are evidence-based and lecturers are practicing clinical hypnotherapists.

Participants have hands-on experience using regression and dissociation techniques, pseudo-orientation

in time (hallucinated age progression), specialized hypnotic pain management, Ericksonian techniques,

memory substitution, Hypno-psychotherapy. It is a long list.


General Skills

The course includes NLP, counseling, practice management, safe practice and how to design treatment plans.

Making a Difference

Everyone has a role to play in mitigating modern illness. The LCCH Asia will support you to find that niche and

to help you benefit from the skills you acquire personally and professionally.


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