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Specialist Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy


The Specialist Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (SCCBH) is a powerful evidence-based method that integrates the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy with clinical hypnotherapy.

The SCCBH is offered over one teaching weekend plus a minimum of three sessions clinical mentoring.

Research demonstrates that the combination of CBT and hypnotherapy is more effective than CBT alone. LCCH Asia provides a unique combination of both clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic tools, adding to the armamentarium of the practitioner and creating the opportunity for best results.

The Course

The Specialist Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (SCCBH) is designed for healthcare professionals. CBT is the therapy of choice for many health authorities and governments. This is because there is comparatively more evidence-based research in CBH  than other therapies. CBH is evidenced making it a powerful tool that is easily included in hospital programmes and protocols.


Who Should Attend

This course is for healthcare professionals and clinical hypnotherapists.

  • Clinical hypnotherapists and other healthcare professionals.
  • CBT Therapists and other psychotherapists.
  • Medical Doctors.
  • Complementary medicine therapists.


You will benefit from an effective and insightful new way of working with patients. Many patients enjoy the combined approach and benefit greatly from the therapy. 

CBT offers an evidence-based method for working with patients and helps you to develop a broad spectrum of skills to help patients with anxiety, depression, behavior change and negative mindset.

Course Content

  • Integration of hypnotherapy with CBT.
  • Structuring the Treatment Plan.
  • Understanding CBH techniques.
  • CBT, Hypnotherapy, and CBH.
  • Safe practice and ethical considerations.





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