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Specialist Medical Module

Specialist Medical Module

Medical Hypnoanaesthesia and Hypnosedation


This course equips you with the skills to perform hypnoanaesthetic and hypnosedative inductions in the management of acute and chronic pain cases including cases going for medical and surgical procedures in a hospital-based setting.


The course consists of three lecture weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) over a four month period

Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirement is a

  • Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis or Equivalent
  • Medical degree or
  • Background in medical science + course leader approval

Who should attend

All medical and healthcare professionals involved in the management or treatment of chronic and acute pain.

For example :

  • Cancer care specialists
  • General practitioners.
  • Nursing staff.
  • Radiologists.
  • Anesthetists.
  • Surgeons.
  • Pain specialists.
  • Physiotherapists.

Course Venue : University of Malaya Medical Faculty

University of Malaya

Course Schedule 2017

Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis Specialist Medical Module in
Hypnoanaesthesia & Hypnosedation
(Requires Med Cert in Clinical Hypnosis)
Intake 2017-01
25th & 26th February 2017
25th & 26th March 2017
15th & 16th April 2017
6th & 7th May 2017 (Exam)

Intake 2017-01
11th & 12th March 2017
8th & 9th April 2017
1st & 2nd July 2017

Intake 2017-02
8th & 9th April 2017
6th & 7th May
10th & 11th June
15 & 16th July (Exam)

Intake 2017-02
9th & 10th December 2017
6th & 7th January 2018
3rd & 4th February 2018

Intake 2017-03
22nd & 23rd July 2017
19th & 20th Aug 2017
9 & 10th Sep 2017
28 & 29 Oct 2017 (Exam)
Intake 2017-04
14th & 15th Oct 2017
11th & 12th Nov 2017
9th & 10th Dec 2017
20th & 21st Jan 2018 (Exam)

Course Fees

Medical Certificate Specialist Medical Module 

Standard RM4,800  

Promo* RM4,500

Standard RM7,500

Promo* RM6,500

Sign up for both Medical Cert and Specialist Module at the same time, and receive a RM1,000 combo discount!

* To be eligible for the promo price, full payment has to be done one month prior to commencement of the course.



Registration & Payment

1. Interbank Transfer or Cash paid into:

 CIMB Bank Account Number: 800 0489 056

(SWIFT Code: CIBBMYKL) for Hypnosis & Training Solutions (M) S/B


(Please send proof of payment by email to or fax to LCCH at 03 7960 6419. Do write your name on the Bank-In Slip for identification)


2. Credit Card – Please pay at LCCH office


3. Paypal via our website at

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