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Medical Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis

The Clinical Hypnosis Module delivered as the Medical Certificate Course in Clinical Hypnosis by LCCH Asia consists of three teaching weekends with tutorial support sessions and the fourth weekend of revision (optional) and examination, all within a 4-month period. Between teaching weekends students are provided with an opportunity to further critical development, practice technique, engage in personal discovery and explore the benefit of clinical hypnosis in the treatment of condition and symptoms. The Medical Certificate Course is also a complete course - in its own right - providing powerful "stand alone" self-improvement techniques for individuals who perhaps do not wish to take their studies any further. However, the knowledge and expertise are vital for those wishing to progress onto the Diploma and integrate clinical hypnotherapy with their existing practice.     

This course is open to medical doctors. One of the important requirements for becoming a competent hypnotherapist is that students possess a genuine interest in clinical hypnosis and are looking generally to benefit either themselves, their patients and the people around them. For this reason, LCCH Asia encourages potential students to contact the LCCH faculty to discuss the course and the benefit of clinical hypnosis in more detail. A standard interview form is used and each applicant makes self-declaration about their mental health and good standing.  This Medical Certificate Course takes a clinical view of hypnosis and provides an introduction to its application in clinical hypnosis practice as a therapeutic intervention. The course is practical, fun and informative.     


  • Develop a strong ethical framework and understanding for the use of clinical hypnosis in both personal and professional development.
  • Acquire a working practical-based knowledge of clinical hypnosis and the practical skills necessary for safe and ethical hypnotic induction, deepening and awakening.
  • Develop practical skills in four of the six stages of hypnotherapy session and academic understanding.
  • Develop and apply self-help tools in relation to the therapeutic context and for personal development.  


  1. Acquire a basic understanding of the safe and ethical use of clinical hypnosis and some of the theories and laws as they relate to the use of clinical hypnosis. 
  2. Develop a theoretical framework of understanding for clinical hypnosis.
  3. Demonstrate safe and ethical practical skills at induction, deepening, and awakening methods, and techniques.
  4. Show knowledge of self-reflection and personal development acquired during the course.
  5. Acquire practical skills for self-hypnosis.


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