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APEL - Approved Prior Learning or Experience

Career Progression designed for Practicing Hypnotherapists or Complementary Therapists

Clinical Hypnotherapy is beginning to offer an increasing number of opportunities in healthcare and training. This has lead many people who have hypnosis qualifications or experience in other related complementary medicine or NLP to revisit clinical hypnotherapy as a career path.

LCCH APEL was designed to help hypnotherapists who may be left behind by current changes or new legislation and to provide access to exciting new opportunities in this field.

Why APEL with LCCH?

  • Opportunity to join flagship Therapy Centre at major hospital groups
  • Premier training institute for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Europe and Asia
  • Internationally recognised qualification
  • All facilitators are practising clinical hypnotherapists
  • Boost your business
  • Attract more patients
  • UK accreditation and recognition


What APEL means

APEL stands for Approved Prior Learning or Experience. This is a system where each candidate is assessed on his or her own merits and provided with the opportunity to progress professionally. It recognizes that many people do not have formal qualifications, but may have relevant work or personal experiences.


Each candidate is invited to submit his or her existing qualifications along with the c curriculum studied and a short summary of current experience or background. The APEL Evaluation team will help the candidate make the right choice. This is a unique opportunity to discuss your career options with a team member and to find the most suitable career progression for you.


Who can join?

~ Existing hypnotherapists

~ Alternative or complementary medicine therapists

~ NLP Practitioners

~ People who have studied Hypnosis, Reiki or related disciplines


Full Name (as per NRIC):*
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Registration & Payment

1. Interbank Transfer or Cash paid into:

 CIMB Bank Account Number: 800 0489 056

(SWIFT Code: CIBBMYKL) for Hypnosis & Training Solutions (M) S/B

(Please send proof of payment by email to or fax to LCCH at 03 7960 6419. Do write your name on the Bank-In Slip for identification)


2. Credit Card – Please pay at LCCH office


3. Paypal via our website at

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