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About Hypnosis


People are curious about clinical hypnosis. Many think it is a strange state completely alien to anything they have ever experienced.

But did you know we experience hypnosis at least once a day. 90% can easily enter a light hypnotic state and between 70-90% can experience a medium depth of hypnosis or hypnotic trance.


Most of us can relate to the pleasant state of limbo, that occurs spontaneously whilst driving down a familiar route. Almost everyone has experienced an interesting daydream. And everyone reading this can think back to a time in the past and remember some of the details of that time.

Well, if you can relate to these experiences then you have experienced the naturally occurring state of consciousness called hypnosis.


Hypnosis is often described by athletes, as “being in the zone”; by artists as a creative streak; by business executives when they are absorbed and focused on a project; and even by surgeons who become so immersed in the operation that they do not notice theatre staff changes.

It is therefore a naturally occurring altered state of consciousness, characterised by both profound relaxation and intense concentration. Since hypnosis is natural, it is also safe, inexpensive and drug free, leading one well-known medical expert (Dr David Spiegel M.D., Associate Chair of Psychiatry at Stanford University) to remark, “If this were a drug, everyone would be using it.”.

Discovering Hypnosis

Today clinical hypnosis is increasingly evidenced to have wide-ranging medical and psychological benefits. It is also an effective antidote for modern stress and emotional disconnection.

There are very few words that can do justice to the profound and personal experience of clinical hypnosis. Of course, this only adds to the mystery surrounding hypnosis. 

LCCH Asia invites you to explore these pages and perhaps treat yourself to the experience that may just change your life.

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